1st Grade through 4th Grade

  • $140 per player plus a $5.00 processing fee

**Coaches who have an approved back ground check must purchase an ID card for $6.00**

  • Your Child will be able to play for one of the available Jr. NBA teams.
  • Each child will be provided with a Jr. NBA jersey and matching shorts.
  • There will only be one Jr. NBA team per division (No duplicate teams in any division).
  • Games will be held every Saturday and teams will be provided 1hr of practice time per week.
  • Due to the limited availability of gyms, teams may have to share half the gym with another team during certain practice hours.


3rd Grade through 8th Grade

  • $175 per player plus a $5.00 processing fee

9th Grade through 12th Grade

  • $185 per player plus a $5.00 processing fee

**All competitive team players and coaches will be required to purchase an Elite Youth Sports ID card for $6.00 and Coaches are required to complete a background check**

  • League insurance - Allows teams to schedule their own practice time with APS or Rio Rancho Public Schools. All gyms fees must be paid by each team to APS or Rio Rancho Public schools.  Elite Youth Sports is not responsible for Practice or Gym Fees.
  • 10 game season with post season tournament (single game elimination)
  • 2 referees per game
  • One gym master will be provided per game to complete official scorer’s book. (Home team must provide one person to work scoreboard for every home game).
  • Jersey and matching shorts will be provided